"Nami Hall, in wispy white shift and flowing dark hair, used the ethereal and air bound nature of trapeze to explore ideas of heaven, life and death. It was a simple concept beautifully executed." 

                      - Stephanie Glickman  for Australian Stage
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Perpetually in search of wonder found when our feet are not bound to the floor, Nami Hall has been performing aerial poetry and inverse kitsch across the globe for more than 25 years. She holds a BA in Circus Arts with specialization in Swinging Trapeze and Hand Balancing. She is also a trained actor and voice over artist.


Nami traveled the world as company member and eventual Associate Director of Australian company SWAY. She’s created work and performed for the 2014 Russian Winter Olympics, the 2012 London Summer Olympics, World Expos, Commonwealth Games, and has worked with the International Ballet Theatre, among other notable engagements, then moved to Asia for a brief creative respite.


A QPOC multi-disciplinary artist with professional proficiency in acting, voice over, trapeze,(static, dance and swinging) sway pole, lyra, and handbalancing her passion and creativity was exceptionally showcased when she originated an act tap-dancing on her hands.


A graduate of the National Institute of Circus Arts, she realized that flights of fancy and joy in the perfectly absurd could find elegance and harmony through delicate choreography. This originality—as well as her discipline—sets her apart as a performer, and now teacher and choreographer, as she strives to creatively explore and define new boundaries around aerial work.


These days, she’s based in Berlin, Germany and Portland, Oregon. Since the onset of Covid 19 she has re-ignited her long standing passion for narration and voice over work.

Nami Hall
Curriculum Vitae

February 2020

Director of Night Flight's Return to Dreaming, Portland, Oregon 

An Aerial show with strong narrative.


2018 - 2020​

Coach at Night Flight, Portland, Oregon

Specializing in static trapeze and hand balancing

December 2007- 2015
Strange Fruit Company Member/Director on tour

Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Mexico, U.S.A, Ireland, South Korea, Australia, India, Chile, Canada, Turkey, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Switzerland, Spain, Russia, U.K. and Israel

Director on tour/Performer of sway pole and character work.


Strange Fruit highlights:


-2016 Guangzhou, China

Le Cercle Event

Director on tour/Tour Manager


-2015 Virginia, U.S.A. VA Arts Festival

Director on tour and performer. Sway Pole.


-2014 L.A., U.S.A

Maxim's 100 Hottest Females event

Director on tour and performer. Sway Pole.


-2014 Budapest, Hungary Sziget Festival. 

Director on tour and performer. Sway Pole.


-2014 Sochi Park, Russia (Sochi Olympics)

Director on tour and performer. Sway Pole.


-2013 Tennessee, U.S.A. Extended stay in Dollywood

Director on tour and performer. Sway Pole.


-2012 World Expo South Korea

Choreographer, director on tour and performer. Sway Pole.


-2012 London Olympics

Performer with Strange Fruit and Graeae. Sway Pole. 


February 2009
International Ballet Theater

Central American Tour
IBT company member. Performed 2 original trapeze acts.

October 2007


Melbourne, Australia
Performed Handstand Tippity Tap, swinging trapeze and character work.

September 2007
NICA Showcase 2007

Melbourne, Australia
Performed original work on swinging trapeze.

April 2007           
NICA Building Opening

Melbourne, Australia
Performed swinging trapeze.

March 2007         
Order of Melbourne Masquerade Ball

Melbourne, Australia
Performed burlesque style static trapeze.

February 2007      
Girls On The Floor

Melbourne, Australia
Performed handstand tap dancing in a nightclub setting.

December 2006    

Melbourne, Australia
Performed handstand tap dancing, character work and
swinging trapeze. Directed by Valeria Campo.

March 2006           
Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremonies

Melbourne, Australia
Performed aerial ballet in a harness 70 feet from the ground.


September 2001 - January 2005
Do Jump – Extremely Physical Theatre Company Member

Portland, Oregon

Performed aerial acts, physical theatre, and dance.

Directed by Robin Lane.


December 2004     
Live Action Benefit Show

Portland, Oregon
Performed and choreographed dance/partner acrobatics.

May 2004
Clowns Without Boarders - Nomadic Theatre Company

Portland, Oregon
Benefit show for world tour, performed dance and partner acrobatics.

February 2004
Burly-Q Underground

Portland, Oregon
Performed aerial ring.

June 2003
Portland Rose Festival

Portland, Oregon
Performed aerial ring on a moving float for Resers Fine Foods.

June 2001
Nexus Choreographer Showcase

Portland, Oregon
Performed contemporary dance.

Directed by Yoji Hall.

June 2001
Rose Festival Parade

Portland, Oregon
Performed, “Elmo” in full body costume for the Children’s Television Workshop.


July 2008
Microsoft’s Most Talented Hottie Comp

New York
Performed handstand tap dancing

November 2007
Angie Hart Care Music Video

Melbourne, Australia
Performed static trapeze

April 2003
What The Bleep Do We Know?

Portland, Oregon
Acted as wedding guest and dancer in wedding scenes.

Directed by William Arntz.

November 2002
Hershey’s Reese’s Pieces Commercial

Portland, Oregon
Performed hand modeling and body doubling for an animated boy.

Directed by Chel White at Bent Image labs.

August 2002
Cartoon Network Power Puff Girls Commercial

Portland, Oregon
Performed hand modeling.

Directed by Chel White at Bent Image Labs.


September 2011
University of Indiana

Bloomington, Indiana
Co-taught theater/creative movement to University musical theater students.

August 2011
Private Trapeze Workshop

Streb Action Lab Brooklyn, NY

Instructed children aged 4-9 years on trapeze with gymnastics warm up. 1 hour workshop.

August 2008
Strange Fruit

U.S.A. Tour

Co-taught theatre workshops for children.

June 1997 – January 2005
Echo Theatre

Portland, Oregon U.S.A.
Aerial dance, circus skills, gymnastics and creative movement to students aged 3 years to adult.

January 1999 – December 2000
Rice Performing Arts Centre

Portland, Oregon U.S.A.
Tap dance to children aged 4 to 11.

February 2000
West Sullivan Middle School

Portland, Oregon U.S.A.
Swing dance to children aged 11 to 14.


December 2007
Swinburne University of Technology

B.A. National Institute of Circus Arts

Melbourne, Australia
Specialties: Swinging trapeze and Handstand Tap dancing.
Trainers: Xue Jing Jing and Katherine Niecshe

April 2000

Theatre Workshop

Mumbai, India
Instructor: Kamal Sunavala.

October 1998 – December 2000
Viscount Ballroom

Portland, Oregon U.S.A.
Studied swing dance.

September 1997 – 2000
Jefferson Performing Arts High School

Portland, Oregon U.S.A.
Studied contemporary dance, drama and children’s theatre.